Contemporary playwriting



Contemporary playwriting multiproject

Poka yoke is a playwriting project founded in 2018 as creative support of Silvana Pérez Meix‘s playwriting. This project sits on the artistic experimentation that takes place during the staging process. Scenic creation of the living arts is held in the ephemeral lab that is articulated around each play.

Reflection through the reconstruction of stories

What we do?

On stage

This is our first staging and the one that names us.

A play about guilt and responsibility set up on an automobile factory.

The implications of human cloning through a brief play.

How do we relate to technology? Are we aware of the production conditions of the workers in the assembly factory lines?

What we do?

Acompañamientos dramatúrgicos

Para Poka yoke es fundamental complementar la creación con la formación, tanto interna, desde el continuo aprendizaje, como externa, compartiendo el conocimiento y distribuyendo la riqueza artística mediante talleres y asesoramiento dramatúrgico.